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We can provide professional wasp, hornet and
yellow jacket extermination in Sacramento. Call us
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There are two types of wasps, solitary wasps and social wasps. Solitary wasps live
alone and social wasps live with colonies of the insects. Social wasps build paper nests
to live in. These nests range in size and shape but are usually circular and will usually
house anywhere from 20-50 wasps.

Wasp nests are most commonly built on porches or under porches. This can make
the location dangerous for the occupants of the home because walking to near the nest
can result in a wasp attack.

Wasps are usually to of an inch long and have long, hairless bodies. They have
stingers, unlike bees, which allow them to sting multiple times.

Wasps nests are best exterminated in either the early, early morning or at night. The
reasons for this is that at these times wasps are less likely to react with aggression and
at these times all of the wasps will be home.

Hornets are treated very similarly was wasps. Hornets are usually darker colors as
wasps and much bigger, in some areas of the world hornets can grow to be up to two
inches long. Hornet nests are made of a similar paper substance that wasps use but
the coloring is a darker shade and the nests are much larger. If you are considering
doing your own hornet control we recommend that you follow the procedures that
were given for dealing with wasps. Do it at night or early, early morning. This will
make the hornets less aggressive and they will all be in the nest.

We highly recommend that you call a professional company to take care of your
wasp, hornet, and yellow jacket problems. Improper application of pesticides can
result in a failed attempt and this means that the person doing the application can be
harmed by the insects as they escape from the nest.
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